Traditional Instruction

"His distinctive style derives from his own deep understanding of the theory that backs this beautiful form of dance. His infectious enthusiasm as an exponent of the style clearly caught on to us throughout the workshop. He meticulously planned the sessions by including dance literature, which augmented our current knowledge of the dance form and helped us to add perspective to our own rendition of the dance form." - Aiswaria, Triveni student

"Prnay is a talented and dynamic performer. His zest and dedication to dance both inspires and invigorates his students. As a teacher, he allows for self-expression and creativity while providing guidance related to technique which is crucial in understanding this ancient dance form." -Priyanka, Triveni instructor

"Prnay's intensive workshop is a riveting experience filled with so much exposure to dance knowledge. I've been dancing for over a decade and I didn't even know the reason behind some of our basic steps! Those three weeks really taught me how crucial basic steps are and how they have an immense effect on dance items."  - Navya, Triveni student

"The classes help my understanding of the history and fundamentals of the form and increase my passion and skill. I have fun with Prnay and learn something new every day." - Rani, Triveni student

"Throughout his training, he showed tremendous enthusiasm and dedication. Since then, he has helped teach many Triveni students and helped them prepare for their graduations. It is obvious that Prnay's passion for this beautiful art form will continue to blossom."- Neena Gulati, Triveni School of Dance Founder/Director

Festival Workshops


"Taking Prnay’s class was a highlight of my festival experience. He was passionate and encouraging. The class itself was so informative and equally fun, and I loved having the opportunity to blend some of the classical moves into my own dancing." - Kalyn, Sonic Bloom workshop participant


"The workshop was super fun! Even for someone with two left feet like myself, he taught us slowly but efficiently, and never made anyone feel uncomfortable if they couldn't get it right. It felt like a bunch of friends dancing together rather than a stranger teaching a foreign dance." - Sarah, Sonic Bloom workshop participant


"His art takes you on a journey through ancient India as he story tells through dance. Seekers of knowledge and love have much to learn from Prnay's full mind, body, and soul experience. He offers sacred teachings, gifting his students with ancient wisdom. Prnay is engaging, thorough, and does all things with love!" - Diana, Sonic Bloom workshop participant