Along with his dance training, Prnay has been trained in many facets of traditional Hindu (Advaita Vedanta) philosophy and scriptural texts. He was an apprentice under Pundit Swami Shastryji in Bakersfield, CA, where he learned the intricacies of Vedic chanting and became proficient in the recitation of several key Vedic and Upanishadic scriptures, such as the Sri Rudram Chamakam, Ganesh Atharvashirsham, Mantra Pushpam, and several different Shanti Paths from the four Vedas. He also assisted the Punditji with various rituals and poojas.

At Northeastern, he founded the university's first modern Hindu Student's Society, where he hosted poojas (ritualistic prayers) for students and faculty. He was invited to give a lecture-demonstration at the New England Interfaith Student Summit in 2016, where he performed Sri Rudrabhishekham for a public audience, walking them through each step and helping them understand the metaphysics and symbolism behind the ritualistic practices found in modern Hinduism. He has also recited several passages from the Vedas at the Pride Interfaith Service, 2014-2016.


Prnay continues to be a bridge between ancient Vedic philosophy and the modern world, as he believes that the ancient wisdom held in the Vedas deserves to be disseminated in a way that makes it relevant to people today of all cultures and religions.

New England Interfaith Student Summit, February 2016

Ekam sat vipraha bahuda vadanti - While the truth is one, the learned call it by many names. Rig Veda 1.164.46