As an instructor at Triveni School of Dance in Brookline, MA, Prnay has over 500 hours of teaching experience varying between course content and difficulty levels. With a student body ranging in age from 5 to 55, Prnay has been praised by his students for having a sharp eye for perfection while maintaining the intrinsic beauty and conventions of this ancient art form. He is frequently requested by parents who note that his keen energy and intense passion for the form motivates their children both in and out of the classroom setting. He also hosts intensive workshops during the summer focusing on basic form, body kinetics, and theory.

Outside of traditional instruction, Prnay has developed a 1 hour workshop titled "Spirituality in Motion" aimed at introducing the basic foundations and philosophical aesthetic of Indian classical dance to non-dancers of all cultures. Participants learn 4-5 basic step sequences and how to express different human emotions as described in ancient Sanskrit literature.


This workshop has been conducted at Sonic Bloom Festival 2017, Elements Lakewood 2019, and Electric Forest 2019 and continues to be a hit at music & dance festivals, community events, and schools around New England.

"Prnay’s class was a highlight of my festival experience. He was passionate and encouraging. The class was so informative and equally fun." - Kalyn, workshop participant

"Seekers of knowledge and love have much to learn from Prnay's full mind, body, and soul experience offered in his workshop." - Diana, workshop participant